Who Is Aaron Buckley?

Aaron Buckley has been exploring his musical voice as a composer since 2013, experimenting with different sounds and flavours and playing with that symbiotic relationship between music and picture across several short films and a feature film (Sasquatch). As a fully self-taught composer, he’s found himself influenced by the likes of Maurice Ravel, Howard Shore and John Williams. And whilst film has been his gateway into the world of composing music, it’s also leading him into other realms, such as writing for theatre and choreographed dance. He’s even had the pleasure of recording a score for piano and harp at the SAE Institute in London, for the award-winning short film, Cumulus, that won Best Music at the British Animation Film Festival 2019 in Leicester Square, London.


In 2018, Buckley decided to celebrate his journey into life as a composer by bringing together works representing his personal evolution, into his first album, aptly named, Journey. His latest single, As To The Wind, was composed for a short poignant film of the same name, about a man dealing with grief.


He rounded off 2019 by orchestrating a composition by the Wiltshire Young Carers, which was performed by Bath Philharmonia, Bath Community Gospel Choir and Wiltshire Young Carers at Bath Philharmonia’s Christmas concert.


In 2020, Buckley has been delving deep into the study of orchestration, whilst also writing his own 10-minute orchestral piece, called Mountain Kingdom, comprising of several leitmotif’s inspired by a popular series of fantasy books.


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